Bell/Chime Loan Program

How would you like to have a three-octave set of handbells or handchimes to use at your school for a semester?

Area 12 has sets of each instrument available exclusively for public school or private school use. You could use them in a variety of ways to supplement your music program, such as with your vocal choir, or to start a handchime or handbell performance group, or as an adjunct to your music appreciation classes. The musical equipment comes complete with foam pads and instructions. A consultant from Area 12 is also available (by phone or other virtual means) to help you get started working with any education level from grade school through university.

There is only a minimal cost involved in borrowing bells or chimes from Area 12. Participants in this loan program are responsible for any shipping costs (if applicable), and maintaining insurance coverage while the instrument is in their possession. Also, sheet music is not included. Other than that, the bells or chimes are offered free of charge to help support music education in schools.

If you think you would like to start a bell program at your school, there is also no better way to build interest and support than to borrow a set of bells so that others can see firsthand why you’re so excited about them.

To download an application, click here.

For further information, questions, or to discuss in more detail the possibility of borrowing bells or chimes for your program, please contact the Area 12 Education Director at [email protected].