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DIRECTOR WANTED – BAY BELLS PROGRAM/MUSIC DIRECTOR (application deadline March 1, 2023)


One of the nation’s longest-running community handbell ensembles, Bay Bells is a place for advancing handbell musicians to continue to improve their skills as handbell percussionists and performers. The group is currently located in the South San Francisco Bay Area and has performed with several local musical groups including Pacific Masterworks Chorus, the Peninsula Girls Chorus, Cupertino Symphonic Band, and Resounding Achord. In addition to providing a variety of music for its audiences, Bay Bells has held workshops to help improve ringers’ skills, and has commissioned many original pieces and arrangements for the handbell art form.


The Bay Bells music director acts as both the artistic director for the group and as its program director. Bay Bells is a Handbell Ventures performing ensemble and, as such, holds its non-profit status under the Handbell Ventures umbrella.

Bay Bells has a four-fold mission:
• To educate the community in the art of handbell ringing through outreach to the widest possible audiences with performances and workshops
• To provide an opportunity for advanced ringers to challenge their technical and musical skills
• To explore and create a wide variety of handbell music
• To provide a resource for other local handbell ensembles

The program director is expected to build Bay Bells as an ensemble towards its mission, advance the individual ringers in their musicality and instrument technique, and keep the program on track in terms of its budget.


At a minimum, the Bay Bells program/music director will:
• Select, plan, and conduct musical repertoire for the handbell ensemble during the performance season (approximately September through June), consisting of at least 1) the Christmas season (including self-produced concerts and for-hire performances) and 2) a spring concert season. A summer season may be desired for touring or special event purposes from time to time and will be compensated separately.

• Administer and collect dues/donations from the handbell musicians in the group.

• Act as the librarian for the music and as the equipment manager for the group’s equipment. (Note: These are tasks that may be delegated to ringers in the group if any should volunteer, but ultimate responsibility lies with the program manager.)

• Lead weekly rehearsals to prepare the ensemble for concerts and performances and improve their musical skills.

• Assist in the development of musical knowledge and handbell technique of each ringer in the ensemble.

• Lead and/or participate in handbell workshops and events, as decided upon in conjunction with Handbell Ventures and the ensemble.

• As a handbell musician, continue with professional development by attending general musical events, handbell events, and/or taking educational courses.

• Create an environment of positive communication and interaction between all the ensemble members.

• Recruit new ensemble members from varied and diverse resources.

• Attend Handbell Ventures Board meetings as required.

• Ensure the financial stability of the Bay Bells program by maintaining at minimum a “no loss” annual profit and loss statement.

• As much as possible, collaborate with other musical organizations and businesses to create concerts, performances, workshops, and educational events, as well as provide income.


• Must have successful experience as a musical conductor; some experience conducting a handbell choir preferred (including the ability to select appropriate repertoire and create positive interactions with members of the larger musical community)
• Familiarity with the handbell genre, handbell music, handbell performance styles, and all handbell techniques
• At least a Bachelor’s degree in music is preferred (a strong understanding of music theory, music performance, and music education may be substituted)
• Some experience as a handbell ringer is preferred
• Strong relational, planning and communication skills
• Strong leadership, managerial and organizational skills
• Ability to work with musicians who possess a variety of different skill levels
• Ability to work with individuals who have varying degrees of learning styles and abilities
• Proven experience working in a collaborative, team environment (multi-cultural preferred)
• Must be available Sunday afternoons for rehearsals


This is a part-time position requiring approximately 5-7 hours per week from approximately mid-September to mid-June. Preparation and planning hours are flexible and may be done remotely. The only weekly requirement is a Sunday afternoon rehearsal. All concerts and performances are scheduled by the director at the beginning of the season (or earlier). The Board meets on a quarterly basis, as pre-scheduled by its members.


The Bay Bells director reports directly to the Handbell Ventures Board of Directors, which is currently made up of four individuals. Written program reports are submitted by the Bay Bells director to the Handbell Ventures Board at each quarterly meeting.


Compensation is $4,000-6,000 annually, depending upon experience and education. Following a probationary period and review, there is an annual evaluation and compensation review process.
Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to along with the best way to contact you.


March 1, 2023




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