There will be several performances during Bells on the Beach, offering an opportunity for attendees to experience the musical styles of groups from around Area 12.

We have a fantastic lineup for our Friday evening showcase concert. Solo handbell artist Linda Krantz, an ensemble of St. John’s Lutheran from Orange, and Tintabulations will share their gifts.

Sunday at 4:00 pm we will show off all the hard work we have done over the two days and will be joined by a quartet from Concordia University, Irvine. Michèle Sharik and Cyndi Tully will share a flute and bell duet and Sam Strasser and Derek Nance will show off their bell tree talents.

Information about the performing groups can be found below, with more to come, so please check back.


Concordia University, Irvine

The handbell program at Concordia University, Irvine is internationally respected for its high-quality and richly-varied performances. The program offers a breadth of opportunities for ringers and future directors.  Concordia’s two touring ensembles have performed throughout the United States as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia and at HMA’s national conferences. They are directed by Alex Guebert and Erik Der.

Bells on the Beach is honored to have a quartet from Concordia sharing their music with us during our final concert as well as sharing the change ring that opens all of their concerts.

Cyndi Tully & Michèle Sharik

Cyndi TullyBio and picture to come

Michèle Sharik – The flute was Michèle Sharik’s first musical love, all the way back in 5th grade. She minored in Flute at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and has enjoyed playing flute (and piccolo) occasionally with community bands and orchestras through the years, especially for Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever! Since joining Sonos Handbell Ensemble in 2002, she has been honored to play flute, alto flute, and piccolo with them at many concerts throughout the United States and internationally — including gothic cathedrals in Europe and the finest concert halls in Japan. She appears on a number of Sonos recordings, both audio and video, including the Ringing Up! DVD. She is happy to be able to play at Bells on the Beach!

Derek Nance & Samantha Strasser

Samantha and Derek have been collectively playing handbells for more than 20 years. Being a budding handbell arranger, Sam decided to take a crack at H. Dean Wagner’s Carillon, a beloved original composition in the handbell world. The English carillon was sort of the original bell tree, in a way, so she thought why not put it on an actual bell tree? With piano accompaniment to round out the harmony, this original arrangement of Carillon is sure to delight all audiences. Samantha and Derek are accompanied by Diane Barnes.

Linda Krantz

Linda Krantz is an accomplished and widely recognized solo handbell artist, has an active performing career and regularly teaches at the local, regional, and national level.  Linda’s greatest love is to perform solo concerts, where she most enjoys playing classical music.  She has performed as far away as Paris, and most recently with David Lockington, cellist and maestro of The Pasadena Symphony.  Linda was a student of Nancy Hascall, learning all she could about traveling 4iH and the nuances of artistic solo ringing.  

Linda is a founding member and president of L.A. Bronze, a past president and current Advisory Board member of the Pasadena Symphony, and a founding artist and past board member of Timbré.  She has served as secretary of the Area 12 board of Handbell Musicians of America, and currently serves on the national Development committee for Handbell Musicians of America.


St. John’s Ensemble

St. John’s Lutheran of Orange is home to Cathedral Bells, an advanced handbell choir that is directed by Alex Guebert. We are honored to have members of Cathedral Bells and Michèle Sharik playing a few selections that show even with a few bells, captivating music can be made.

You can follow Cathedral Bells on facebook. You can also view them performing on YoutTube by searching Cathedral Bells of Orange.


Enthralling audiences internationally, Tintabulations is in its 24th year of merry music making. Beginning as an ambitious group of middle school students, under the love and direction of Barb Walsh, ‘Tintab’ continues to grow and develop, and is now a source of innovation and respect worldwide.

The flash of highly polished bronze hypnotizes and excites, while the ringers enthusiastically share their passion and high level of skill with eager and appreciative audiences. Their mastery of handbell performance is rapturous as they bring both an audible and visual art form to life.