Bells on the Beach will feature an Adopt-A-Bell fundraiser. Your donations will go to support the mission of Area 12, including education and scholarships. We have created our own set of bells, 66 of them, that need a good home. During the event, as the bells are adopted, they will be put on display. After the event is over you get to take your bell and your certificate of adoption home with you. The prices are as follows:

  • XL – C3-B3: $100 
  • L – C4-C#5: $75 
  • M – D5-G6: $50 
  • S – Ab6-C8: $25

If all the bells are adopted, another set will be created.

Area 12 is making this fundraiser available to those not in attendance as well! You can go to the fundraiser website and donate the specific amount for the bell you would like to adopt. The website asks you to list “Why is this cause important to you?” In this box, please indicate what bell you would like to purchase and what name you would like on the bell, if purchased for a group. (If the specified bell has already been purchased, then we will make every effort to give you a bell as close as we can to the bell specified.) The bell will be displayed during the conference and after the event, the bell, your adoption certificate, and an exclusive Bells on the Beach sticker will be mailed to you.

You do not have to be located in Area 12 to adopt one of our bells.

If you have any questions, you may contact Marci Nuoffer at