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A detailed schedule can be found below. We hope you’ll spend the entire day with us, but also please feel free to drop in and out throughout the day to attend whichever classes most spark your interest.

The day will consist of a combination of prerecorded segments, live trainings, panel discussions, and an end of day prerecorded concert.

To find out more details about any of the sessions, check out our Class Descriptions page.

Please check back for any additional schedule updates.

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Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind - Event Schedule


Time (PT) AM class Instructor
9:30 Welcome – Opening Bell Scott Leggett
9:35 100,000 Measure Tune-up Michele Sharik
10:00 All the Techniques, Even the Dumb Ones Stevie Berryman
10:30 You’re the Director, Now What? Kendra Symonds
11:00 Starting and Running a Children’s Ensemble Karen Carlisle
11:30 Help! We’re Short a Ringer (or Director) Gail Berg
12:00 SiP and Ring (social Distance bells) P.L. Grove
12:30 Meeting of the Area 12 membership; and/or GAMES Scott Leggett
Time (PT) PM class Instructor
1:00 When You Want to be a Bell Hog Beth Mays
1:30 Handbell Trees: Learn on Tuesday, Play on Sunday Linda Krantz
2:00 Understanding HMA’s Copyright Policy Tessique Houston

Score Study – How to Find the Melody

Brad Hendricks
3:00 The Conductor as Interpreter Barbara Walsh
3:30 Basic, Better, Best – Use of Video for Improved Performance Sharon Guilliams
4:00 Concert Marquise Usher (intro)
Closing bell Scott Leggett / Kendra Symonds