Area 12 Election of Officers


Please find the current Board Officer candidates and their bios below. 

Chair Elect

Marci Nuoffer

My name is Marci Nuoffer. I have been playing handbells for over 30 years and conducting for about 25 years. I began playing in high school at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas, NV, where I am currently the handbell director and Theology department chair. I have now come full circle. I played and conducted at Concordia Irvine during my undergraduate program, and have continued conducting in every church and school I have worked with since. I currently direct five ensembles: 2 adult ensembles, 1 high school ensemble, and 2 middle school ensembles. I have a B.A in music education and an M.Ed. and Ed.D. in educational administration.

In addition to my work with handbells, I enjoy singing in the Las Vegas Reformation Chorale and the Myron Heaton Chorale. I also enjoy spending time with family and reading fiction novels. I grew up in Las Vegas, then went to college at Concordia, Irvine and stayed in Southern California for an additional 20 years. I have been back in Las Vegas for six years.

Michèle Sharik

Michèle Sharik rings professionally with Sonos Handbell Ensemble, is the founding Artistic Director of Timbré, and is an internationally-renowned handbell soloist, conductor, and teacher. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts in 2012 from Cal State San Marcos, a Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Medicine in 2017 from Shenandoah University, and updated her certification in 2019 from the Performing Arts Medicine Association. Michèle is Master Teacher of Handbell Techniques for the Certification program of the Handbell Musicians of America. She has served on the Area 12 board for 11 years, including six years in the Chair-Elect/Chair/Past Chair sequence (2012-2018).


Gail Berg

Gail has been involved with bells for more than four decades, primarily as a ringer, but has also done stints as director for a few Bay Area churches (Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian), with numerous opportunities to substitute (as ringer and director).  She has rung in more than six states and Indonesia. Currently ringing with a Lutheran church choir a mile from her home in Nevada. 

She volunteered for her HOA board, including elected office, for more than ten years.  And served on family LLC boards in elected positions. 

Trained as a software engineer, Gail is now semi-retired, designing/creating beaded jewelry, doing web design, and online sales in Las Vegas, NV.

Gail served the Area XII board as the first Bay Area regional rep (1993-94).  She was elected as Secretary to the Area XII board and served two sequential terms (1994-98).  Gail stepped into the Secretary position again in fall 2018.

During the last two years, Gail has attended all A12 board meetings, taken minutes, maintained area documents, helped organize and teach at the virtual Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind event in July 2020 (and donated two original pen wrapped pens), attend multiple national meetings . 

Gail looks forward to the opportunity to continue serve the Area 12 members and board as secretary.

Carol Pickford

Carol was introduced to handbells in 1979 when her church organist (Barbara Meinke’s mother!) heard about this “new” instrument and has never looked back.  She currently is a member of 4 handbell choirs (2 community groups and 2 church groups) and serves on the board for LA Bronze. She met her husband through playing bells, and together they have toured the US and Europe with handbell choirs, as well as attending several National Seminar and DB West events.  

Carol has enjoyed working with several projects recently with area XII committee members, such as Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind and the LA Metro Christmas Handbell virtual events.  Carol’s current day job is a regional sales manager in the medical electronics industry.   Thru her career she has also been a project manager and field application engineer in the medical equipment industry where detailed notes and thorough and complete documentation are a must.  

In addition to keeping minutes for the board meeting, as Secretary Carol will keep the Area 12 member updated with a synopsis of the Area 12 Board of Director meeting so that all our members can be regularly updated on the board activities, as stated in the Area 12 Rules of Procedure. 


Helena Broadbent

My name is Helena Broadbent and I’m the current treasurer of Handbell Musicians of America, Area 12. I’m a retired CPA from the state of Nevada. During my career as a CPA, I specialized in taxes and audits of non-profit organizations. I also worked at the Bureau of Reclamation in Boulder City, Nevada for 10 years in the accounting department.

I am currently on the Board of Directors of Boulder Dam Credit Union and have served as the chairman of their Supervisory Committee, which is responsible for the financial health of the credit union. I am also the current treasurer of Harmony Handbells in Las Vegas.

I currently live in Boulder City, NV with my husband of over 30 years. I enjoy playing in Harmony Handbells, and also in the St. Francis of Assisi handbell choir in Henderson, NV.  In college I majored in music, and in addition to handbells I also play violin, viola and various percussion instruments. 

I would be honored to be the treasurer of Area 12 for another term.  Thank you for your consideration.

Sharon Guilliams

Sharon Guilliams began ringing handbells in the early eighties right out of college.  While she moved around for her job, handbells were always a part of her adult life.  She currently rings in a church bell choir, is director for South County Community Handbell Choirs (adult and youth choirs) and performs solos at her home church.

Sharon has served as Area 12’s LA Metro Regional Coordinator since late 2018 and has served as Registrar for Area 12 events.  Sharon has designed and led local handbell classes and events and was an instructor for the Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind virtual event.  Sharon also was the Chairperson for the recent 2020 LA Metro Christmas Handbells virtual event.

As a recently retired engineer, Sharon is accustomed to preparing budgets and tracking financial information.  Since retiring from engineering, Sharon was an office manager for a small financial firm; tasks included bookkeeping, payroll, and establishment of corporations and maintenance of good standing for corporations with the State of California.  Sharon is a third generation registered Tax Preparer with a small client base and currently a volunteer tax preparer for the VITA program in San Clemente.

Sharon lives in San Clemente, California with her husband, Bobby, and their French bulldog bruiser.  Bobby and Sharon are avid tandem bicycle riders.