Thanks to everyone who participated in the games during Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind.

We’re excited to announce our prize winners!

Crossword (65 entries)
1st: Carol Lynn Mizell – handbell beaded pen
2nd: Carlene Ruesenberg – HEA12K mask
3rd: Nikki Evans – HEA12K mask

Webcrawl (20 entries)
1st: Marilyn Ricciardi – HEA12K beaded pen
2nd: PL Grove – HEA12K mask
3rd: Maggie Park – HEA12K mask

Trivia Kahoot (89 entries)
1st: Pat Wolf – set of 2 coasters
2nd: Beckie Wiley – HEA12K mask
3rd: Fernanda Van Atta – HEA12K mask

And if you’re curious about the answers to see how well you did,  you’ll find them below.


  • Gradually get faster – Accelerando
  • Largest Area 12 State – California
  • Gradually get louder – crescendo
  • Cushion material – foam
  • Loud – forte
  • Rotate the bell in a circle – gyro
  • ½ of a whole note – half
  • Our favorite instrument – handbells
  • Square tube of aluminum – handchime
  • Area 12 island state – Hawaii
  • A stick with a rubber or yarn ball – mallet
  • A foundry in Plumsteadville – Malmark
  • A small section of music – measure
  • Landlocked Area 12 state – Nevada
  • Music is written for 2-3, or 3-5, or… – octaves
  • One fourth of a whole note – quarter
  • A moment of silence – rest
  • A foundry in Hatfield – Schulmerich
  • Play the bell repeatedly – shake
  • A way to play staccato – thumbdamp
  • #tone of our newsletter – twelfth


Trivia Kahoot

  1. Area 12 consists of which regions? – CA, NV, HI, Guam
  2. What year did A12 incorporate as a non-profit? 1979
  3. Which two locations separated by an ocean hosted the 2004 conference? Ontario and Honolulu
  4. The name of our monthly newsletter is? The Twelfth Tone
  5. The color of the new Area 12 BOARD polo is? Blue
  6. At what location was this 2010 festival held? Davis
  7. How many areas are included in HMA? 12
  8. What was the location and year of this conference (rose pin)? Pasadena ‘88
  9. Who are these A12 mascots? Bronzer and Martalina
  10. How many years has the Bay Area Spring Ring been held? 29
  11. When did the A12 conference last occur in Las Vegas? 1984
  12. Widely known as the first group to ring in the U.S. The Swiss Bell Ringers were from… England
  13. The first Area 12 conference on record was held in what year? 1972
  14. What metal are handbells made of? Bronze
  15. In what year was this Visalia conference held (How the West was Rung)? 1994
  16. An interval of a twelfth above the pitch C is what note? G 
  17. Name this former A12 ensemble. Campanile
  18. What was the location and year of this conference (Shake, Rattle, and Ring)? San Luis Obispo, 2014
  19. Who is this Area 12 composer? Alex Guebert
  20. Name this A12 notable – our outgoing HMA national president. PL Grove
  21. Where was the first International Handbell Symposium held? Arcata, CA



Group Fact
Bay Bells recorded their first CD, Light a Candle, during former director William Kyle’s tenure
Bell Appeal unique ensemble often features vocalists, guitarists, and drumset to perform popular music
Carillons Handbell Choir have a partnership with the Castle Church bell choir in Wittenburg, Germany, and visited in 2011 and 2014.
Crown City Ringers founded in 2014, this group’s early rehearsals were in an apartment under renovation
Harmony Handbells Las Vegas based ensemble hosts the annual 12th Night Handbell Festival
L.A. Bronze Area 12’s outgoing chair rings with this group, directed by Alex Guebert
Mele Mai Paki Lima Community Handbell Choir this ensemble’s name translates to “music from plenty hands”
Opus the director of this Modesto based group is also an active choral music educator and soloist
Pacific Bells founded in 1988, this group has performed at the Hollywood Bowl
Ringers by the Sea provides worship music in their Rancho Palos Verdes church home
RiverBells often peform music with a jazz flair composed by and under the leadership of their founding director, Paul Allen.
Rolling Tones This church ensemble in Benicia often includes ethnic tunes and percussion in their repertoire
San Diego Harmony Ringers founded in 1999, their CD is titled, “First Sounds”
Sonos this group regularly tours internationally, and appeared on A Prairie Home Companion.
South County Community Handbell Choirs one of two choirs in this organization calls themselves “Heavy Metal Youth”
Tapestry is a partnership of choral and handbell musicians in the East Bay
The Dickens Handchime Choir K-12 home school students make up this group of Victorian attired ringers
Timbre board members of this unique group take on titles such as “Elder Statesman” and “Grand Poobah”
Tintabulations Reno based ensemble known for their love of the color green
Velocity their artistic director is a founding member of Sonos and is wrapping up her term as HMA president
Westminster Ringers perform on 5 octaves of Whitechapel bells at their downtown Sacramento Presbyterian Church home