Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s Area 12 election!

We are pleased to congratulate and welcome new Executive Board members – Chair-Elect Kendra Scott, Secretary Michele Meenk, and Treasurer Helena Broadbent. These newly elected board members join Chair Scott Leggett and Past Chair Tessique Houston, as well as the rest of our appointed board members, in serving and supporting our Area 12 members in their handbell ringing endeavors.

We thank all those who ran for office in this year’s election, and thank our outgoing board members for their years of service. We encourage anyone interested in serving on the Board in any capacity to contact the Chair for information on available opportunities. We also encourage you to contact any of our board members with questions or suggestions for how we can better serve you.

Also on the ballot this year were draft revisions to the Area 12 Bylaws, designed to update and improve the ways in which we run our organization.  We’re happy to let you know that these revisions have been approved by our membership and will take effect once submitted to the State. Click here to see the updated bylaws.